Your Workday Updates (August Edition)

26 August 2021

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Your Workday Updates August 2021 Edition title

Welcome to the first instalment in our Workday Updates series, where you are about to receive a run-down of every Workday update worth noting!

Today we reveal a monumental win for Workday, as they secure a contract with the fifth largest accounting firm in the US. We also discuss the next steps of Workday’s multi-cloud strategy, with regards to their Google Cloud Partnership. And if that wasn’t enough, we also give you a sneak peek into the Microsoft Viva Connections collaboration! So, what are you waiting for? Get stuck in!

Workday Remote working RSM selects Workday for Financial Management HCM and PSA with image of a Workday user at home remote working on a tablet and smartphone

RSM selects Workday for Financial Management, HCM and PSA

A huge win.

It was announced in July that RSM, the fifth largest accounting firm within the US, have selected several Workday solutions to manage its internal Finance and HR procedures.

With 13,000 employees, RSM is responsible for delivering audit, tax and consulting services to at least 48,000 people in over 120 countries. Workday will assist RSM to monitor its entire operation, deliver insights around business performance, and offer a cloud-solution for end-to-end business process. With Workday innovations, RSM will also be able to increase the accuracy of their financial performance predictions and resourcing requirements.

When asked about the partnership, General Manager of Financial Management, Terrance Wampler said, “We look forward to partnering with RSM, one of the world’s largest accounting firms, to help bring them to the leading edge of innovation by combining people, projects, and profits in a single system,” and we couldn’t agree more. These are both leading providers in their respective industries, and we are excited to see just how far their partnership takes them on the road to digital transformation.

Microsoft Viva Connections…

Workday creating Microsoft Viva Connections and Teams Integration to 365 office with image of Workday user on their smartphone

Microsoft Viva Connections…

Expanding collaborations.

Just over a year ago, Workday announced a new Microsoft Teams integration, designed to increase productivity and bring Workday into a natural workspace.

To call it successful would be an understatement. With the remote-work climate unlikely to change any time soon and Workday officially declaring 50 million users, many of which run Microsoft 365, it should come as no surprise that the two companies have expanded their collaboration and followed a natural progression towards employee experience.

During the second week of July, we were officially granted an insight into the expanding collaboration between Microsoft and Workday, through Microsoft Viva Connections.

Workday recognised just how many employees were switching between multiple platforms to carry out the simplest of tasks, an often-costly method and at the very least, time-consuming.

The aim of this integration was to create a simpler, experience for employees by providing a personalised dashboard which will allow a workforce to perform functions like, requesting time off; looking up colleague information; and potentially even clocking in and out of shifts; all with one-touch access.

Understandably, Microsoft are excited about these developments, and have shown us a sneak peek of what’s to come in their New Partners and Developers preview. From this, we can see a Workday card designed to keep team members on the same page when it comes to calendars, holidays and time-off requests without leaving connections.

Let us know what you think of the preview on socials and tag us @LucasKennedyGRP!

Workday Names Google Cloud a strategic cloud partner and image of a corporate handshake

Workday Names Google Cloud a strategic cloud partner

Co-innovation and strategic partnerships.

This month, Workday shared the news that they are embarking on a strategic partnership with none other than Google Cloud, now officially a “Workday preferred cloud partner.”

This is a multi-year partnership which will help businesses across core industries including retail, healthcare, and finance, run Workday for Finance, HR and Planning globally.

There is little more detail known about the development at this stage, but what we do know is that the partnership is likely to boost Google Cloud’s 8% market share within the Cloud-technology community. Of course, this announcement came just a fortnight after Google and SAP announced they too were expanding the availability of SAP services available on Google Cloud.

This is a significant step not just for Workday but for the digital transformation market as a whole. By utilising Google Cloud’s AI machine learning solution, and Workday’s core innovation values, this partnership has the capacity to dramatically upscale data capture, allowing customers to obtain deeper insights and innovate further.

These developments illustrate just how seriously Workday are taking their multi-cloud strategy. They envision a concept where customers can choose, based on the strengths of each provider, which hyperscaler their Workday deployment runs on. All of us here at Lucas Kennedy are excited to see this strategy develop, and ultimately transform itself into the pinnacle of optimised efficiency.

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