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At Lucas Kennedy, a Recruitment Consultant’s role is a holistic combination of high-quality business development and commercial customer service, generating revenue by successfully engaging with clients, candidates, and colleagues.

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IT Recruitment 

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IT Recruitment

  • KENT - UK




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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What do employees enjoy most about Working at Lucas Kennedy?

Our employees feel at home in our welcoming and energized office and truly value the rewards that Lucas Kennedy offer, including a competitive basic salary and tailored incentive scheme. Dress-Down Friday is a highlight every week, along with a multitude of lunch options on their doorstep. For more employee testimonials check out our Glassdoor page!

What is Lucas Kennedy’s working environment like?

Lucas Kennedy offers a relaxed office environment, promoting productivity and motivation. Each employee is rewarded with their own desk, computer and storage facilities with multiple breaks throughout the working day allowing them to recharge and fulfil their potential. We also love to show off our fully stocked coffee room, which our employees have unlimited access to!

Do I need recruitment experience to apply?

To apply for a recruitment consultant role, proven sales experience is essential, preferably in recruitment. However, we have a range of roles available including delivery consultants and resourcers where the experience necessary will differ. For more information visit our vacancy page.

What rewards (financial and non-financial) are available?

Our employees are rewarded with a wide range of performance-related incentives, both financial and non-financial. From ‘away’ days and lunch clubs to a unique commission scheme, our employees are always encouraged to succeed.

How is performance measured and how often is it reviewed?

We believe a company works at its best, when each employee understands what they bring to the team. We track our employees’ progress using achievable key performance targets to ensure that each consultant understands their value. This makes it easier to help in any areas that a consultant may be struggling and give praise in areas where they might be excelling. Performance is reviewed regularly so that all employees feel supported throughout their time with us.

Do you offer remote work?

Lucas Kennedy believe that real-time workplace connections are essential to employee engagement, ensuring a higher level of productivity and motivation. Therefore, we do not offer a remote-working alternative at this time.

What is Lucas Kennedy’s approach to Diversity and Inclusion?

Lucas Kennedy work hard to ensure complete inclusivity and will not tolerate any form of discrimination. Our diversity and inclusion initiative is regularly monitored and we welcome applications from all backgrounds.

Does Lucas Kennedy offer work experience and/or apprenticeships?

As Lucas Kennedy expands, we are always on the lookout for applications from the next generation of successful consultants! For more information email [email protected]

Do you provide training?

Our employees are provided with extensive and continual training throughout their time with us. Beginning with a two week induction to Lucas Kennedy and the specialist market, staff training is revisited regularly and tailored towards an employee's progress.


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