Why is the world moving to Workday?

12 July 2021

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World-renowned for their people-first culture and their aggressive deployment of advanced technology, Workday is making strides in the Cloud-technology industry, but how did their story begin and where will their success take them next?

In 2006 Workday asked a simple question to businesses around the world… Why is enterprise software so difficult to use? This could have been revolutionary in and of itself, but they decided to take this one step further… An action just as simple, but twice as rare. THEY LISTENED TO THE ANSWERS and went on to create a product destined to change the corporate world forever, all while creating a unique culture for clients and employees alike. And there is no chance of them taking their foot of off that innovation pedal just yet!

According to a recent article published by Consultancy.uk the outbreak of Covid-19 has stimulated at least seven years’ worth of digital transformation within the space of just several months… In a pre-covid world that was already experiencing rapid technological acceleration, companies who were originally reluctant to take the risk, were given little choice when it came to deploying changes that would help them thrive during this uncertain time.

Of course, there are a wide range of benefits that go hand in hand with the new normal way of working. However, most seem to be in favour of the employee. Now, with remote work one of the top ten employment trends of the year and flexibility becoming a shared frame of reference amongst recruiters, it seems that the power is shifting from employer to candidate. This means companies are being compelled to consider further digital innovation; not only to regain control, but to rival their competitors.

Launched in 2006, Aneel Bhusri and Dave Duffield had a vision to revolutionise the enterprise software market. Over breakfast at a Californian diner, they devised a secure cloud-native system with the ability to plan and analyse financial and HR data from one place. Consolidation of profit; probation and notice periods; contract data and collective agreements; all in one dashboard with the opportunity to tailor each module to your individual business.

Just a decade later, Workday had sourced more than 1,000 customers and over 3,700 employees worldwide. Now, with over 7,000 clients globally and, as of this year, over four-billion dollars’ worth of revenue, it has now become a force to be reckoned with. But don’t just take our word for it! Unilever, BP, Netflix and Santander are just some of the companies who have publicly announced their implementation of the Workday program.

Workday now generates over $4 Billion in annual revenue

Yet, even with this ground-breaking success, this is only just the beginning for Workday.

Always looking to innovate their software further; keeping their ears to the ground and listening to company community pages, Workday can efficiently meet the ever-changing, specific needs of their userbase. Moreover, with the announcement of their latest updates transforming recruitment credentials through the use of blockchain technology, the opportunities for growth are limitless.

Workday Implementation team celebrating and joining hands

What role does Lucas Kennedy play?

Despite just a handful of agencies specialising in the area and a minimal amount of Workday-skilled candidates available, it was becoming clear that WORKDAY were making waves within the SaaS market from the beginning.

Meanwhile, after launching in 2008, Lucas Kennedy were already achieving success as reliable and effective recruitment partners; consistently delivering contract and permanent candidates to implement other applications such as Peoplesoft.

Lucas Kennedy have been placing Workday Consultants since 2011

In 2011, we were lucky enough to have played a significant role in the first wave of consultants moving towards Workday. Since then, Lucas Kennedy have supplied many large-scale Workday deployments within the UK, Europe and beyond. It has been our pleasure, to watch Workday’s technology evolve from a fresh and contemporary application into a pivotal market leader.

Here at Lucas Kennedy, we have forged long-standing relationships with a wide range of clients, meaning that not only do we possess valuable market intel, but we have access to opportunities for candidates before they go to market. We are passionate about providing the right talent for every role and we are dedicated to supporting both clients and candidates long after that first contract is signed.


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